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  • At DigitTron, we consistently exceed customer expectations.
  • We provide quality products on-time and within budget.
  • We continuously strive for zero defects.
  • We understand the importance of quality and fast turn-around times.
  • We want to help you save time and money by getting your product to market quickly and efficiently.
  • We believe in complete customer satisfaction.
  • We are committed to your success.

We are committed to your success.

Our goal is to create high quality electronic products that save you time and money. Our experts help you deliver a superior product giving you the competitive advantage you need, on time and on budget.

We invest in technology to ensure our customers’ solutions are leading edge.

We maintain enhanced, state-of-the-art technology such as the ERKA Automatic-in-line stencil printer, JUKI KE2060’s, Juki RS800 in-line convection oven, Novastar leaded wave solder, Novastar no-lead wave solder and Aqueous Technologies SMT400 washer.

DigitTron Circuit Boards

We are a trusted partner promising confidentiality and support to protect your products.

Our staff is committed to keeping your projects confidential, respecting the proprietary nature of most of the work we do. We have a team and processes in place to make sure your product specifications are safe with us.

DigitTron is a one-source provider for surface-mount, X-ray, conventional thru-hole, and BoxBuild product assemblies.

The DigitTron team of experts is client-centric, and works in partnership with clients to develop custom electronics solutions. DigitTron leverages the expertise and assets of its parent company, Pivot International in the development and manufacturing process, from concept development, engineering, designing, manufacturing, prototyping, testing, short production runs, full-line production, materials procurement, US manufacturing and global sourcing.

Specialties include:

  • X-ray components
  • Surface mount assembly
  • Conventional thru-hole assembly
  • BoxBuild product assembly
  • Test and inspection
  • Potting and conformal coating
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