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We have a product idea but don’t have the expertise to bring to life. Can DigitTron help?

DigitTron is a full-service, one source firm for custom component technology manufacturer, located in the US supported with global resources. We can help you design, engineer and manufacture your products.

Can DigitTron help us update our product and reduce cost?

Yes, we can update your product with latest technology while smart designing for most efficient manufacturing in our company-owned manufacturing facilities in the US and in Asia. We pride ourselves our exceptional service and our ability to smart design and smart produce to reduce cost for our customers while maintaining quality.

Our manufacturer cannot meet our large orders (or small orders), can DigitTron?

We often rescue customers and their products from past engineering or manufacturing issues. We are flexible, nimble and local giving us a unique competitive advantage to deliver custom results for our customers. We have company-owned manufacturing facilities in the US and in Asia structured to accommodate large and small production runs as well as test runs.

We have a concept that will revolutionize our industry and we need a partner that will have the expertise and confidentiality protection that we can trust. Has DigitTron worked on such assignments?

Most of the work we do is confidential and proprietary. We have processes in place to protect your products, your designs, your specs and all your information. We are a trusted partner of many private and public companies as well as governmental agencies.

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